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20th April 2018 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling for?

Counselling should help you to think about yourself and what you might like to change in your life. The counsellor should listen and accept you.
I believe counselling has helped me to think, feel, think, feel in a way that I find very useful.

How much is this likely to cost me?

You can come for an initial meeting for 20. My standard fee is 40 per session, however I believe that cost should not prevent people being able to access counselling if they feel it may help them, so I am happy to negotiate on fees if for example you are on a low income or benefits.

Why are there so few male counsellors?

Maybe because feelings are seen as a female thing ? It is worth thinking about how you feel about seeing a male counsellor, gender is sometimes an issue here whereas it probably doesn't matter whether our bus driver is male or female. If you decide you would rather see a female counsellor I could refer you to a female colleague. I would not be offended!

I want to know more before I decide whether counselling is what I want

I am happy to talk to you either on the phone or answer emails for free, or face to face in an initial meeting at a cost of 20 for us to see if we want to work together.

I am fed up with people trying to tell me what to do to solve my problems.

I will not do this!

I am worried about confidentiality

I am happy to talk to you in more detail if you are concerned about this.

Will you ask me about my childhood?

You can decide what you would like to talk about.

Why do I seem to get myself into situations that keep causing me problems?

This is probably a bit complicated, but what is familiar to us can be very powerful, even if we don't like it, so we often repeat patterns of the past because of this.Exploring and recognising this can mean we feel more in control of our own lives.